PostHeaderIcon Updates and Changes to the Site

We’re working on some updates to the site!

One of those updates is the addition of a Flickr stream with photos of our products.  (See it scrolling over to the right side of the page?  If you click on that, it’ll take you to our main Flickr page where you can see all of our goodies.)  The individual photo pages that were previously listed under the Cakes section have been removed, but there are links to each Flickr group on the Cakes page so you can go directly to photos of whatever kind of cake you’re looking for.  What that really means for you is a faster load time without having to wait for all of those images to download directly on our website.  It also means that larger images can be viewed so you can see some more of the detail we put into our cakes. 

We have also updated our online order form so that orders can be placed directly through the site instead of using the outside form with a link as we had before.

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