We are now offering mini pie assortment packs!! Just in time for Thanksgiving, so get your orders in early.

Our basic pack contains: 1 Apple, 1 Cherry and 2 Pumpkin pies. Cost: $20.00 each pack.

All are 5” deep-dish pies with homemade crust. These assorted pies would be great for the individual, couple or small family, or even as a gift. They will allow different flavors for different people and no dried out, shriveling pie left over.

They would even work in a lunch box/bag or as a quick desert.

We also will have the “pudding pie” assortment, which contains: 1 Chocolate, 1 Banana Cream, 1 Butterscotch and 1 Coconut Cream. Cost: $16.00 each pack.

We will be offering these assorted pie packs throughout the year, but get yours now by calling or emailing us with your order.